I was looking through an old doctor’s note that I had and was shocked at how realistic what you guys offered is. When I bought it, I knew it seemed legit but it truly is realistic looking. Remind of both the hospital ones that get released.

Compared To Real One! So Close!

I showed this to my manager and she never second guessed any of it! The TV report they did about you guys was spot on!

My Processor Didn’t Question It!

I needed a fake dr note for a my son’s school. Liked how you setup your site and how realistic the notes looked. Just wish it was a bit cheaper but quality much better than other sites.

My Son’s School Never Questioned It!

I would definitely recommend this product to anybody who wants it. So nice to be able to preview the note before you pay. Couldn’t gamble on other sites that wanted me to pay up first. THANKS BUT NO THANKS!

Didn’t Trust Other Sites!