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If you are looking to buy fake doctor note documents, PhoneyExcuse has simplified the process.  In the past, most sites would sell you a number of templates bundled together at a high price. This lead to a lot of issues because the templates required special software and often times zip files are laced with viruses and malware!

We stopped this by creating an online generator where each note is customized and built through this site. Once it’s done, you can print it off and use it directly from our website.

We will try to walk you through the buying process below:

Step 1: Create a dr note

Please visit our page to generate fake dr notes here. The generator will collect some information from you that is necessary to make the note look real.

  1. Your name, as you want it to appear on the note.
  2. Your email address… this is where we will send you a copy of your free note and/or premium note.
  3. Hospital Name, address, phone number… If you don’t know this or have no clue, Google something nearby. 🙂
  4. Doctor’s name.
  5. Reason. You can say whether this note relates to a pain, illness or injury.
  6. Dates. Put the time you need off or had off. If you need off on Monday, put Monday as the date here.
  7. Leave notes as a doctor would sign them. This is where you would put what was wrong, such as, “Excuse Mark from work due to the flu” or “Mary needs off due to a cold.”

That is it. If you forgot to enter something, don’t worry… you can always change it later.

Step 2: Once finished, select CREATE MY NOTE

Once you hit that button, we will instantly generate your a custom dr note. The note will use all of the details you provided in order to create a real looking note. You will notice the note will appear as if it was hand written and filled out by somebody. We did to make it look more legit, as many doctor notes are hand signed, torn off and handed over to a patient.

Step 3: Consider upgrading the note

You will notice the free note contains the words PhoneyExcuses across it. This is because we watermark free copies. If you don’t mind, you can keep this and we can email you a copy. If you want the words PhoneyExcuses removed, you can upgrade to a premium copy. Once payment is confirmed, the new copy without PhoneyExcuses  is emailed to you to use.

Do I need anything before using your site?

We allow you instantly generate these fake dr notes for school and work and then use them right away. So just make sure you have access to a printer and paper available. If somebody is asking you for a scan of a doctor note, you can always just save the pdf file and send it in a separate email.

All notes print on standard letter size paper, 8.5×11 … but you can adjust the print size to capture a legal pad size or other document sizes to suit your needs.

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