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Question: How long have you been in business?

We launched PhoneyExcuses.com in August of 2007. We are proud to have been in business over 10 years now!

When we first stated, like most other businesses such as ours, we allowed customers to buy a package of editable templates at a single cost. Awhile back we decide to entirely revamp our site by creating an online generator, which lets you build your own fake doctor note and print it off immediately. This eliminated the need for special software and editing skills by the customer, requirements that other sites still enforce to this day.

We also stopped carrying specific notes such as jury duty notices, dentists appointments, etc. We may add those notes back in the future as options but right now we are committed fully to being the best fake dr note option online.

Question: Are your notes really free?

Yes, they are. We offer you the ability to make a free fake dr note using our website ordering form. The free note will be available to download with a watermark. To remove the watermark, simply upgrade to a premium fake dr note which removes the watermark. This is a one-time fee as we are not a subscription service.

Question: So, I can see the free note before deciding to upgrade to a premium copy?

Absolutely! Unlike some sites we don’t hide what our notes look like forcing you to spend money before you can see the actual product. Simply go to our generator and fill in your information. The site will instantly provide you with a fake doctors note that you can print off and use.

Question: What size is the fake doctors note?

All of our doctor notes are the same size as a doctor’s legal pad! This is the same size as an actual doctors note. The system will provide you with four copies, with lines to cut, giving you four fake doctors note to use!

Question: Can you guarantee me my doctors note will trick people?

Unfortunately not. When trying to fool somebody, there are plenty of factors involved that we can’t assist you with such as how you dress, how confident you look, etc. For this reason, we can’t promise you anything. I mean, think about it, if you show up looking nervous and somebody has their doubts, if that our fault? No. Still the fact remains, our fake doctor have been tested with great success, as you can see in this tv report. We feel that news investigation speaks for itself.

Question: Do you offer a money back guarantee?

No. We allow you to preview the fake doctors note before purchasing it. You can see what you made and decided to upgrade to a non-watermark version for a small fee. There are no refunds under any circumstance and you agree to this when buying from us. All sales are final once paid. We understand that some fake dr note sites do allow you to get refunds, but they also do not allow you to preview their notes before purchasing and you don’t know what you are getting for your money. With us everything is up front and honest. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us, before buying, and we will assist you as best we can.

Question: Is this product legal?

Yes, it is 100% legal to create a fake doctors note. Depending on where you live and local laws, it may be illegal to turn in a note with actual doctor names and hospital information on it. We are not a law firm and can not provide legal advice. We are simply giving you an easy-to-use platform which allows you safely and conveniently create fake dr notes. What you may wish to do with the note, may not be within local regulations either, but Phoney Excuses bares no responsibility for your actions going forward.

This is also covered in our product disclaimer here.

Question: What do I need to create and/or print my fake doctors note?

Nothing special. The final document is four fake doctors note that total 8.5×11, so any basic everyday printer capable of printing letter sized documents will work. Just visit this page here, fill in some details and generate a note. We can email it to you afterwards for easy access.

It’s also important to know a few details about what you want featured on the note:

  • The name of the doctor
  • The address of the hospital
  • The phone number of the hospital
  • The excuse you want documented.

What if I get my premium note and notice something is wrong or I want to change something?

You can’t edit a note that you have paid for. The whole purpose of letting you preview the note is to check over it and make sure everything is 100% perfect before you order a watermark-free premium copy of it! We don’t allow customers to go back and edit existing notes. You will need to buy a new note. The problem is if we let you edit, you could buy one site and change your name and excuse and dates every time and make them for your family and friends and we would loose lots of money. All sales on premium notes are final, so make sure you look over the document and love it before you buy a premium copy that doesn’t show our site on it.

I paid for a premium watermark-free note but it never came to my email!

Often customers send the notes to a different email than the email they pay with PayPal and don’t know which email inbox to check. Believe me, it was sent. Still if you can’t find it, go to your email and find your payment transaction details and then copy your transaction id #. Then go to this page here, and enter your payment transaction id. The site will search for your note and display a link to download the pdf.

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