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What am I selling as a member of your affiliate program?

PhoneyExcuses provides everybody with the easiest way to generate fake dr notes. In the past, you had to download a collection of templates and have special software necessary to edit every template. If that wasn’t a big enough of a pain in the butt, you also couldn’t see the note before buying it and took a big risk with the seller.

Along comes us. We allow you to create free notes, 100% custom made fake dr notes that are instantly generated. We ask customers to give us a few simple details and in a matter of moments, we can create you a custom note.

As a member of our affiliate program, you will help customers find this website, so they can access our line of products. Once a sale is made, we will give you as a cut allowing you to earn money.

How do I sign up?

We are looking for new affiliates as we are always growing our business! If you have interest in joining this program, and earning a percentage of sales, please contact us today!