Welcome to Phoney Excuse, the leader in Fake Doctors Notes!

At Phoney Excuses we let people, just like you, to instantly generate authentic looking novelty doctor excuse forms! We have spent years collecting actual notes, studying their characteristics and then generating templates that allow our clients to generate customized notes.

Our website launched back in 2007 and although the look and feel of it has changed, the praise hasn’t! We have been featured on radio broadcasts including Hot 98 Radio out of New York City and even nightly news broadcasts such as KOMO in Seattle! In fact, the KOMO report actually network tested our doctor note on local area businesses for a big story they were reporting! What did they discover about our notes? That bosses and managers thought they were totally legitimate! In fact, we can now say with confidence that we are the best site to buy phony notes from.

What do I need to get my own note today?

All you need is access to a printer and some paper and that’s it. There is nothing to download to your company, no potentially harmful files to put on your PC… like some other sites require you to do. In fact, there is not a safer and more reliable way to buy notes anywhere on the ‘net.

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