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10 Worst Excusees Students Make When Skipping School

As much as we want to pretend that we live in this prefect world, where nobody would ever need to skip school for any reason, we know that is not the reality. There are moments in our life will cause us to have to skip out on school and in many cases, most schools will no excuse that activity without a note from our doctor.

The fact is, even the most dedicated students among us have moments when they need to avoid school. When they do, they often turn to websites like that allow them to generate realistic looking doctor notes in a matter of minutes. Although this service can be very valuable for somebody who expected to turn in a note, common mistakes people make when generate notes online can get them in hot water. Here are some of the worst examples of errors made on school excuse notes.

Using an excuse that nobody would believe in a million years

If you aren’t somebody comfortable with lying, here’s some advice, “talk less”. Have you even listed somebody tell you a lie and then they start to ramble on and on and on? Often when we lie, we get nervous and let our stories fall apart at the seems. When turning in your note, it’s best to keep it simple and just say, “here it is”. Don’t give this long winded story about going to the doctor, not feeling well… blah blah blah. There are countless number of excuses that people may have for not coming to school but keep it simple.

Show your note off with confidence

This sort of gets back to the last point I made. When you turned in that note, be confident about it. Don’t look flushed, anxious, or nervous. It’s a legitimate note, right? So act like it.

Never put the name of a fake doctor or fake hospital on the note

A lot of times when people use websites to generate notes, they get nervous about what names to use. They decide to get creative and completely make up the name of some doctor or a totally fabricated hospital which often comes back to bite them in the butt! Although a news report they did on the Phoney Excuses website, proved that companies can even be fooled by notes featuring  names taken from the ABC show “Grey’s Anatomy” or a posted hospital address that really is that of a public market, this level of absurdity is not often recommended. What most sites will recommend is that you use the names of real doctors, real hospitals and real phone numbers which can make the novelty note look much more realistic.

Stay away from sites that let you download 20+ Microsoft Word Templates

There a lot of sites out there adverting, “fifteen notes for $15” or “twenty notes for $20”. There are two major problems with these types of sites. For starters, you need special software to access the note which may cost you money. Although many companies come with a free trail of Microsoft Word, when that trail runs out, a legitimate copy of the software could set you back $60. The other problem with downloading files off of the internet, is that you can’t account for what you are downloading. With so many viruses and malware out there, I would personally question any file you download from a shady website. With generators like the one right here, you can preview the note through the site and print it off directly from the site. Nothing is downloaded to your personal company and you or your family’s security is never put at least by downloading potentially hazardous files.

The note needs to be replicated from an actual excuse form

A lot of times sites that sell novelty dr notes will say that they’re notes are “professionally designed” and “the quality money can buy”. In reality, the package of editable notes they sell are just randomly designed and completely fabricated. The notes aren’t actually replicated from an actual excuse slip, the type used by a real student for a real school. At Phoney Excuses, our template was created from an actual doctors excuse that has lead to rave reviews and guaranteed results. We basically recreated this note, allowing you to edit certain parts of it with your personal information. In the end, what our site provides is a personalized doctors note that captures many of the elements and structure found on real ones.

Make sure everything on the note is spelled correctly

Although doctors are notorious for having terrible handwriting, they do have a good grasp of the English language.  Your doctor isn’t going to misspell words, especially words they use a lot for excuse slips. This means, you want to make sure you don’t spell “school” when you say “Please excuse Ronnie from school til August 16th” as “skewl”. Even though you may not be getting in an A+ in English class, your doctor probably did. 😉

Don’t use fancy paper when printing the note

So a lot of people want to get creative and go out to a supply store and buy high dollar printing paper. Don’t do that! The fact is, hospitals use nothing more than regular boring white printer paper. The cheap stuff that anybody can buy for next to nothing. Don’t look for carbon paper or extra thick card-stock paper. Keep it simple cause anything that looks and feel odd may cause your teacher or principle to question it.

Be sure not to say how your sick or what you’re suffer from

A lot of times people who write notes want to say something like, “Jerry suffers from the flu” or “Michelle has a virus”. The fact is, the HIPAA laws (or the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) prevent doctors from writing the actual problem somebody suffers from on an absence excuse slip. They can only write how many days they suggest you take off.

When your get back from school after an excuse, don’t look so happy to be back

Let’s say you told you teacher that you were sick yesterday and today, you returned to school after playing hooky for a day. If you really were fighting a sickness, yesterday was likely very rough on your, so be sure to look like somebody who just had an awful day. Although you may have spent the day watching reality TV on the couch or better yet, attending a baseball game with your buddies, you should make sure to come off as somebody who is sort of still recovering.

At the end of the day, what this article hopefully has caught you is common (yet avoidable) mistakes people make when using a novelty doctor note. If you need a doctor’s note for school, be sure to check out homepage today.