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When you buy a fake dr note, the most important question to ask is, “does it really work?” It is easy for a website to say their notes are the best or most realistic, but what happens when real people use them? Are they caught? Or do people believe they are looking at legit notes from a doctor?

We are the only website of our kind to be featured on the local news! They bought real notes from us and tested them on local area businesses to see if they could trick companies and their managers.

Watch the local news report here! And find out how you can buy the only fake doctors excuse proven to work!

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Compared to real one! So close!

I was looking through an old doctor’s note that I had and was shocked at how realistic what you guys offered is. When I bought it, I knew it seemed legit but it truly is realistic looking. Remind of both the hospital ones that get released.

Jeanne Long. Testimonial Photo, Photo For Testimonials

My processor didn’t question it!

I showed this to my manager and she never second guessed any of it! The TV report they did about you guys was spot on!

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My son’s school never questioned it!

I needed a fake dr note for a my son’s school. Liked how you setup your site and how realistic the notes looked. Just wish it was a bit cheaper but quality much better than other sites.

Bryant Rios. Testimonial Photo, Photo For Testimonials

Saw TV report from KOMO!

I saw your on TV report! You guys are big time!

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Didn’t trust other sites!

I would definitely recommend this product to anybody who wants it. So nice to be able to preview the note before you pay. Couldn’t gamble on other sites that wanted me to pay up first. THANKS BUT NO THANKS!

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Is work and school killing you? Want to get away? A fake doctors excuse could be your answer!

There are so many reasons why you could use a break in life. The problem is, sometimes our lives make that difficult to do. Fortunately, a high quality and realistic looking fake dr note could be just what you need!

At Phoney Excuses we’ve spent years studying the finder details about dr notes, including how they’re laid out, how big they are, and more. We have taken all of this knowledge to create the most authentic-like doctor note that you can buy on the internet!

In fact, we have the ONLY NOTES that have been tested and proven to work by news reporters! Don’t believe me? Just watch the video above.

How do I create my own fake doctors note for work or fake doctors note for school?

At Phoney Excuses we make the process of generating a custom dr note so simple. All you have to do is fill out our form which provides the following details.

  • Your name as you want it to appear.
  • The name of the hospital.
  • The address of the hospital.
  • Name of the doctor signing off on the note.
  • And details about the excuse.

** We even provide tips on the form, if you have questions or concerns about filling out certain parts. ***

Once done, the site will instantly generate you a realistic looking note. The note can then be printed off and used immediately without downloading it to your computer or needing special software to open it with. In fact, the process is the easiest and safest way to buy a realistic looking fake dr note on the internet!

Is it safe to order a fake dr note over the internet?

Most novelty dr note sites will sell you a package of multiple notes or files that you must download to your PC! Often when people download files like this, they contain dangerous virus or harmful malware that could ruin your computer and put your safety at risk!

We are not saying those sites will do that to your computer, but we believe in a safer alternative.

Phoney Excuses allows you to print your note directly from our website, meaning nothing is uploaded to your personal computer and the risk of potential harm is nonexistent.

We offer the only doctor note proven to trick others and guaranteed to work!

There are so many sites out there that claim, they’re “the best” or “most realistic looking” but at the end of the day it’s hard to believe what testimonials are real and what are phony. We are the only website that was reviewed by a major news channel which actually bought our forms and tested them with a real local business. What they discovered what was that the notes really do work! It’s a claim that every other site like ours wishes they had but they don’t.

The time is now to get a fake dr note! BUT chances are limited!

Due to the incredibly large number of people interested in our notes, our website is getting quite the workout! All of these people visiting us, all of the notes being made, are putting a strain on the website. That is why we are limiting 120 as the number of notes that can be generated per day! This means that after 120 notes are made, the generator will stop working for 24 hours. We do this to cut down on bandwidth. Then at midnight of Sun 25-02-18, the limit will refresh allowing 120 more people. This is something we hope to change soon but our host is requiring this.

If you really want to try to get a fake doctor note free made, we strongly encourage you not to wait!

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  • I understand that this website will ask me the name of the hospital I want to use on my custom note, the name of the doctor I need featured and my unique excuse. I will provide all of that to get my phony doctor note made instantly!
  • I understand that my note will be ready right away and I have a printer ready to print it. If not, I will email the file to myself for safe keeping.
  • I agree that if I have any problem with the note, I will contact customer support right away to resolve the matter.
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Remember, we only allow 120 people per day to download one of our popular doctor notes. This is serious! We are not trying to force you to download this today but what you to understand that due to the amount of strain it puts on our site to generate these days, we have set these limitations. If you missed your chance, please bookmark our site and try again tomorrow.